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巫师传——国际形象 中国传统文化发展工程 之 书画

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Wizard biography, character mountain bamboo, number Jilong mountain people, other department Jilu. Young Chengjiaxue, Mr. Mai Huasan from Lingnan, specializes in grassland.

In 2006, Jilu Poems and Inks was published.

In 2011, the long volume of Youlan Fu was published.

In 2016, he published The Collection of Poetry and Calligraphy by Wizards.

Jiya Collection is collected by Huizhou Museum. The work was published in the "Calligraphy Bulletin".








Awards: In 1990 and 1995, he was awarded the "Shenzhen Dapeng Literature Award" for calligraphy for two consecutive sessions.

In 1997, he won the bronze prize of Guangdong Calligraphy Seal Carving Competition.

Participation: In 2001, a solo exhibition was held in Shenzhen.

In 2007, a solo exhibition was held in Huiyang District.

In 2016, Huizhou and Huiyang held solo exhibitions.








Practicing Calligraphy and Deeply Exploring the Secrets of Chinese Studies

—— Calligrapher's Biography in My Eyes

Yang Wei

To engage in art reporting work, to have more opportunities to contact with artists, to approach them, to appreciate the artist's mind and to gain life lessons is the greatest harvest of this work, and to approach the calligrapher's wizard biography teacher is the most unforgettable life opportunity for me!

Culture is the soul of calligraphy. As far as cultural psychological structure and psychological stereotype are concerned, every calligrapher with traditional cultural background must have the hereditary gene of "root" culture. The taste of calligraphy depends on the cultural connotation of the work, which comes from the scholarly character of the calligrapher. Wizard biographer is deeply influenced and edified by traditional culture. His calligraphy style is full of ancient, elegant, implicit and beautiful aesthetic interest. His works are full of both calligrapher's character and scholar's talent.




Cai Yong in "Nine Tendencies" in the cloud "hide the head and protect the tail, force in the word". Wizard biographer holds his pen high, wielding freedom of movement. The lines are light and powerful, flowing and elastic. They are just like iron paintings and silver hooks. The brush and ink are simple but not failing to move, which reveals vivid and vivid interest. In his creation, he not only traces back to the origin, senses the tradition rationally, but also absorbs the cliff weather, and integrates it. But his long-term deep understanding and understanding of the essence of cursive script is innovative and not divorced from the origin. Brush and ink can lead and support his works with the times and new ideas, thus reaching a new artistic peak.




Poyun in the east of Jiangsu Province is "true to life and grass". The running script is between regular script and cursive script. Although Wang Xizhi's Preface to the Holy Religion is a practical book, the way to write it is in regular script. Zhao Mengfu's seal scripts and Zhang Cao's running scripts were also written in regular script. Wizard biographers have a solid foundation in calligraphy. They are good at both physical and graceful writing. They pursue a style that combines dignity and elegance. They are elegant, dignified, fluent and unrestrained. They even write in regular scripts (Qigong). His running books pursue danger with integrity as the main body, and return to justice with integrity and danger. Traveling script and cursive script are a dynamic style of calligraphy. The supreme realm of cursive script is to keep silence in motion. His handwriting is as urgent as the tornado and astringent as an old tree hanging a vine. He not only seeks for the change of waves in fluency, but also has sober rational control in circling and flying dance. His dry pen is not dry, wet pen is not slippery, heavy ink is not turbid, light ink is not thin. He dialectically discusses the contradictory factors in calligraphy, such as falseness, size, straightness and intensity. Harmoniously unified and organically applied. Nature implies the deep wisdom of Taoist philosophy that "one Yin and one Yang is Tao".




China is known as the "country of poetry", not only because of the long history of Chinese poetry, poets and works of poetry school, a large number. Poetry culture deeply and vividly embodies the basic spirit of Chinese culture. And the wizard's biography teacher carries on the court training young, the youth learns the poem, old and more vigorous. His poems, or vigorous, or whispering, are genuine, euphemistic and implicit, "not aware of the world, how can I bend down", "mountains and rivers are still me, who is afraid of the world today" and other witty phrases, is really a pen and ink, poetry dictionary model, worthy of the name of "Southern poet". And the teacher of wizard biography always pays attention to the double-study of poetry and books. For decades, the combination of pen and ink poetry has made its works always have the unique feeling that "the nature of a writer is a poet". The promulgation of Jilu Poetry and Ink Traces and the Collection of Poetry and Calligraphy of Wizard Biographies has profound cultural implications, simple and elegant calligraphy, vividly embodying the essence of traditional culture, with unique artistic attainments, and has reached the supreme realm of "I write my heart by hand".




Wizard biographer's open-minded calligraphy and the benevolent model of both virtue and art can be regarded as a model in today's calligraphy circle. No wonder it can be sought after by many collectors. It is the best reflection of the world's great improvement in artistic pursuit and accomplishment. Let's look forward to the work of the Wizard Biography Teacher, and shine brilliantly in this Internet activity. In that case, the whole network of calligraphy poetry enthusiasts, will have a very big harvest, it is gratifying.



















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